Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn (Armed With Keyboard Review)

Book Review Because Of Miss Bridgerton Rokesbys Julia Quinn armedwithkeyboard

The beginning was a bit irritating with the constant back and forth it really did seem like they were children. And i couldn't get into the characters for the first few chapters, (And that may be because I'm a bit impatient and want to get to the good stuff) i just kept wondering when things would get more intriguing and Julia Quinn didn't disappoint.

Oh, the book summary had me hooked, so i wasn't going to put the book down. But things did get interesting once George and Billie consciously accepted that they never shared the same relationships as Billie did with George's brothers, Andrew and Edward.

What absolutely adore is that Billie didn't have to become Sybilla. Some authors take a perfectly good character and turn her into ideal wife for the Hero, changing the core of the heroine (things that attracted the guy in the first place).

Despite the initial hesitation on his part and his expectation of a proper bride, he did come to his senses and understood what a treasure he had been offered in Billie. The best part, and it was brilliantly done is George telling Billie that he loved her. It was the way he did it, it was heartfelt and made me enjoy the book a lot. Although I had stopped reading regency romances for a while, the bridgertons series (Which I'm yet to see) has led me to Julia Quinn once again, and thanks god did, otherwise I wouldn't have found out about this prequel. Because of Miss Bridgerton will definitely go on my re-read pile.

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