50 Best Adult Romance Books That Will Take You On An Emotional Rollercoaster!


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As a person who has read her fair share of romance books, both shitty and great ones. Let me warn you away from the bad ones. Oh, and you don't realize what kind of crap you have been reading once you stumble across the right ones. (Isn't that true for people as well...)

Warning: It is a mix and match of books from my favorite genres, paranormal romance books, contemporary romance, Humorous romance books, Harlequin Romantic Suspense, and some romance that will make you ball your eyes out (weep). So, if you don't particularly like those books then you will have a better luck with some romance book list out there.

This adult romance book list contains some of the Best romantic novels to date. Once you start reading a book, you'll become curious about the supporting characters, who might have their own book in the series. Keep a lookout for those.
Also, most of these books are adult romance books, with only a few young adult romance novels.

For some entertaining Victorian Era Romance series refer to my quick Instagram recommendation.

Index for 50 Romance Books
1. Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews11. Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
2. Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh12. Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
3. Archangel's Blade by Nalini Singh13. I have got your number by Sophie Kinsella
4. Archangel's Shadow by Nalini Singh14. Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella
5. Archangel's Enigma by Nalini Singh15. Slave To Sensation by Nalini Singh
6. Archangel's Viper by Nalini Singh16. Visions Of Heat by Nalini Singh
7. It Had To Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips17. Caressed By Ice by Nalini Singh
8. Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips18. Hostage To Pleasure by Nalini Singh
9. Dream A Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips19. Blaze Of Memory by Nalini Singh
10. Natural Born Charmer By Susan Elizabeth Phillips20. Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh
21. Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh31. Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter
22. Shield Of Winter by Nalini Singh32. The Darkest Touch by Gena Showalter
23. Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh33. The Darkest Promise by Gena Showalter
24. Alpha Night by Nalini Singh34. Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neil
25: Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison35. Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen
26. The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter36. Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews
27. The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter37. When You Dare by Lori Foster
28. The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter38. Trace of Fever by Lori Foster
29. The Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter39. Acheron by Sherrliyn Kenyon
30. The Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter40. Styxx by Sherrliyn Kenyon
41. One Good Man by Julie Miller
  42. Partner Protector by Julie Miller
            43. Cavanaugh Watch by Marie Ferrarella
                                                                  44. Raphael by D. B Reynolds
45. Dragon Actually by G. A. Aiken
      46. Charlie All Night by Jenifer Cruise
47. Into The Dark by Cindy Gerard
 48. Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard
             49. The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders
             50. A husband's Regret by Natasha Anders

 1. Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Book 1 Magic Bites Heading Image 

A Little About the Author:

Ilona Andrews will forever remain my number one paranormal romance book author. She gave me Kate Daniels. The primary reason she stands out from most of the authors out there is that she breaks the stereotypes of over-the-top good looking lead characters, presenting us with one-of-a-kind relatable characters. Even though her characters are unique, they are real, raw, and most of all relatable. 

Magic Bites Quote

Heroine: Kate Daniels (The Protagonist Of the Series)
Hero: Curran Lennart/ The Beast Lord

World: Post-apocalyptic world where magic and technology collide, bringing with a times when magic rules, there are magic waves during which technology malfunctions and technology waves during which no magic user can access the magic, there are a few exceptions of course, like the shapeshifters. It has Shapeshifters, Gods as well as creatures from several mythology, Witches, Oracle, Vampires, Banshees, etc. Oh, did I forget to mention Vampires? Not the sexy ones that drink blood, oh no, these are abhorrent.

Curran is a love interest that doesn't end up taking backseat to Kate's show. Once they get together, it's pretty much the Kate and Curran show. And you'll enjoy the slow burn. Their banter makes up for the lack of any relationship in this book or the next one or next, kidding, or am I? The excerpt is a sneak-peak of what you can expect from this alpha pair.

Some authors decide to rush into things and just mash the characters together, but that's not Ilona Andrews. Each and every book in the Kate Daniels Series, including Magic Bites, is fantastic. No matter how many times I read this book, I know that I'm already planning on when I can re-read it again.

Reasons to Read this romance novel:

A slow relationship buildup throughout the series
Characters with questionable morals
Top Paranormal Romance Novel: #1
Electricity and Magic waves take turn ruling the world
Mercenaries have clearer motives than the police force
Explores several mythologies
Kate Daniels World: A devastatingly beautiful world that will never leave you.

2. Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh

book 2 angels blood nalini singh

A Little About the Author:

Before I Picked up Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh , I never thought that anyone could ever come close to Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniel Series. But this book is second on the list only because, it is intense. All her books are exactly that, intense. Once you go Nalini Singh, there's no going back, you are bound to come back for seconds if not hundreds.  She gives us compelling characters that are brave yet on some level broken. Both the lead and supporting characters are so detailed and complex, it's impossible to not think of them as real beings.

Heroine: Elena Deveraux (A Hunter-born Guild Hunter)
Hero: Raphael (The Archangel Of North America)

World: A fantasy world where each corner is ruled by powerful Archangels (Because a plain angel is overrated), it's not a secret to be kept from the mortal. Saying that the mortals are used to it would be a lie, as each time they look upon these Archangels they find themselves loosing their wits. Now these mortals can be turned into fully functioning  sensual vampires, provided that they devote their initial 100 years to the Archangels or Angels who made them. That's where the Guild Hunter comes, they are sort of like the bounty hunters who snatch the Vampires who decide to make a run for it, when they are under the 100-year contract.

Describing Elena would be impossible, but we have met characters like her before, they are not just romance books. Brave to their core, stand-up citizens, with shitty parent/parents.

The excerpt shared above gives us a look into Elena and Raphael's first meeting, which could have gone either way. Had Elena not been who she was, Angels Blood would have been a macabre book, with Raphael murdering a nameless mortal-woman who stood up to her. But we are forgetting that Raphael has a sliver of  humanity left, the one our dear Elena will fan into a full blown fire.

Reasons to Read this romance novel series (Guild Hunter):

An intense world which will grab hold of you and never let you go
Raphael and Elena are the ruling power couple in the world of Paranormal Romance Novels
A powerful aphrodisiacs' with combination of raw and tasteful sex scenes, not for the prudes of the world
The chemistry between the characters is unquestionable and can be felt as you read
Top Romance Novel Series: #2

3. Archangel's Blade by Nalini Singh

Heroine: Honor St Jones (A Damaged Guild-Hunter)
Hero: Dimitri (Raphael's Second In command, Vampire Extraordinaire)

Like any sane person, I usually put-off reading a tear jerker. Archangel's Blade will pull at all your heartstrings. If you aren't used to sensual characters, you'll find Dimitri a little disturbing or you might get trapped into his appeal as well. So, you are presented with this asshole of a guy: and that's the perfect way to describe him. He is loyal to no one but Raphael and his seven but then comes along Honor, who with her broken spirit awakens long-dead feeling within Dmitri. Soon, you'll find yourself rooting for Dmitri and Honor.

Although I'm a big fan of Raphael and Elena, Angels Blade is my favourite Nalini Singh Book. And it's all because of one scene, a scene that'll forever be eteched into my mind. Where Honor St Jones astounds me with her ability to forgive and so does Dmitri who realizes that gravity of his mistake. A mistake that is addressed, not just pushed aside to run into an happily ever after.

Dmitri's family was taken from him, but meeting Honor changed his life, which even I a reader will be forever grateful for.

4. Archangel's Shadow by Nalini Singh

Hero: Janvier (A fun-loving Vampire)
Heroine: Ashwini (A woman's whose days are numbered)

If you have loyally and obsessively followed Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter Series, this isn't the first time you have met these two. Throughout the series, you'll be wondering will they or wont' they and you have to wonder if a Vampire as charming as Janvier is willing to wait for gun shy Ashwini. To be honest, after a Dmitri and Honor's story, Janvier and Ashwini's is the most emotionally charged story.

I was a bit late in joining Nalini Singh's Archangel's buffet, but damn if it isn't delicious. But since I was late, I got to read the a lot of published books and didn't have to wait long for Archangel's Shadows. I was looking forward to it ever since I read the Angels' Pawn.  This book was a long time coming. Janvier is patience personified. Not all of us admit but we do wait for a special person to come around. In Janvier's case he already found her, but he understood Ashwini. He understood that she wasn't ready and maybe he wasn't either. But think of the kind of maturity and dedication it takes to know that you have found the right person for you but you have to wait years upon years to make it work. 

And Ashwini has such a beautiful soul. She is precious. You want to hug her and tell her it will all be okay. It will work out. Stop worrying. Trust Janvier. He's good for you. There are so many things to love about them as individuals but also as a couple.I have to be honest, Nalini Singh brings all our fantasies and desires to life.  

5. Archangel's Enigma by Nalini Singh

Heroine: Andromeda (A scholar with a secret)
Hero: Naasir (One Of Raphael's Seven, an enigma in his right)
As the series follows, we learn about Naasir's origin. There are some readers who just select the book they want to read and then there are those, who read the their series to reach that book. I'm the latter one and so when I finally reach books that I enjoy it is a prize. And this is one series that begs to be read, not just because of it's appeal, but also because of the plot that unravels as each book is published.
Andromeda is a scholar who seems quite straitlaced until she is challenged, and once you learn about Naasir, you'll be forever intrigued and puzzled, but that's solved in Archangels' Enigma.  I have to admit, whenever i read the book I'm too focused on Naasir as he is an intense character. 


6. Archangel's Viper by Nalini Singh

Hero: Venom (One of Raphael's Seven, Vampire made by Neha Archangel of India) 
Heroine: Sorrow/Holly (Not Vampire-Not Human, a result of Uram's poison)

Honestly, reading any book from Psy-changeling series as a standalone book might work if you are not a curious person, but you might miss out on some great characters and might feel as if you are missing something. Other than that, If you enjoy couples that start out as adversaries of a kind then this one is for you. 

Venom with his snakelike eyes a quality inherited from his creator Neha never though of Holly or Sorrow as anything other than a pain in his ass. The constant back and forth isn't annoying but riveting in it's own way. It's such a won

7. It Had To Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


A Little About the Author:

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is an exceptionally talented writer. Her Chicago Star Series is amongst her Best works and one of the best romance book series out there. When we switch from the Paranormal to contemporary, normal it would feel like we are downgrading, but Susan's books are definitely not that.

Her books are sometimes better and often honest. But there are times when I want to say, 'Why would you make the character do that?' And as I'm usually talking to myself, there are no answers to it. So, though I love her books and read each one for the sake of continuity, I have named some of the best ones on this list.

Her hero's often seem to be too full of themselves but by the end of the book they make up for it. Or at it least some do. The groveling feels great when you feel the emotional would inflicted on those characters.

Heroine: Phoebe Somerville (Current Owner of Chicago Stars)
Hero: Dan Calebow (Chicago Star's Head Coach)

Meet Phoebe Somerville who returns home for her father's funeral turning it into a debacle. A Mysterious Self-proclaimed Bimbo, who seems to have all but one man wrapped around her finger, guess who that one guys is yes, you guessed right Dan Calebow.

It's not an instant connection, there's buildup. We get to know all the characters. The secondary characters are great, we meet the young half-sister, who surprises of all surprises doesn't like Phoebe.  Phoebe who has put on this bimbo fa├žade wants nothing more than to get her pain in the ass half-sister and go back home, the only thing stopping her are the lines from the above excerpt and her adorable. Her father sending her a last fuck-you from the grave, ownership of the ever popular football team.

Reasons to Read this romance novel:

Complex characters that aren't defined by the labels society snaps on them
Phoebe and Dan turn from Rivals to lovers 
The sports terms will not throw you off, the author focuses more on the characters
Not a fan of poodles or little dogs? Allow Phoebe to change your mind
Best elements of a novel, from comedy to hardships to romance.

8. Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Heroine: Annabelle Granger (Owner of the Matchmaking Agency- Perfect For You)
Hero: Heath champion (An Elite Sports Agent)

Most of us who can't find a life-partner turn to the traditional Matchmaking agencies. And yes, online matchmaking portals are dime a dozen but what we all need is a matchmaker like Annabelle Granger.

Annabelle Granger shows us how things are done at a Matchmaking agency (Does this Remind any one of the Netflix's show India Matchmaking?). Not seen the show yet, but I have watched the trailer and it looks hilarious. Annabelle's story is just as hilarious, she is somewhat broke and has barely enough. So, she needs a high-profile client, to put her fledgling agency on the map.

Now let's think who can help her do that? Heath Champion, find out how Annabelle gets entangled with Heath Champion, when all she was trying to do was bag a high profile client. The one meeting that was going to help her make it, she turned up late.

Reasons to Read this romance novel:

Top Matchmaking romance novel
The main characters are food our romance deprived hearts
Annabelle's story: From the clumsy screwup to owning a successful Matchmaking agency
Heath's Story: Getting rid of the stick up his ass
Annabelle + Heath: Personality clashes, sparks flying, and heartbreak waiting to happen

9. Dream A Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips 

Heroine: Rachel Stone (Ex-wife Of A Corrupt Dead Televangelist)
Hero: Gabriel Bonner (Ex-Veterinarian)

Innocent until proven Guilty you say? Nope, Rachel Stone was tagged guilty by association. the town of Salvation. You would think that with a name like Salvation the people would have a better attitude, but no when hard on her luck Rachel returned to the town, she was met with disapproval and hostility.

I'm still miffed at the entire town for treating her that way, but Rachel Stone is made of sterner stuff and obviously a better woman. Someone we all could aspire to be. Add to the mix, her perceptive five-year old son, a son that reminds Gabriel Bonner too much of his dead son. Then there is Rachel Stone, who invokes feelings when Gabriel Bonner was buried in numbness. Watch the story unravel in Susan Elizabeth Phillips's Dream A Little Dream, a woman's dream to build a better life for her son, a child's dreams full of hope, and a man's nightmares that turn into dreams.


Reasons to Read this romance novel:

Rachel's Story: 
A single mother in dire straights with adorable child to take care of and con artist for ex-husband.
Gabriel's Story:
A widower who lost his wife and child and has turned into a hermit
Rachel + Gabriel + Gabriel's protective friends and Family: 
Recipe for Disaster surprisingly leads to a happy ending.

10. Natural Born Charmer By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Heroine: Blue Bailey (A Potential Budding Artist)
Hero: Dean Robillard (Chicago Star's Newest Quarterback)

It's hard not to read all the books in the series when the lives of the characters are so intertwined. Match me If you Can is the the first time you'll lay eyes on the stunning charmer Dean Robillard. Watching him interact with Annabelle is great and though we are rooting for Annabelle and Heath the entire time we still wish they would get together.

But the author always surprises you with this beautifully complex characters, Blue Bailey is a walking-talking conundrum.  A woman who couldn't care less about her looks (which when compared with the so called "beauty standards" term her average). And while no woman could resist Dean Robillard, Blue Bailey did her best. But even the mighty fall. Their first meeting is one for the ages. 

Reasons to Read this romance novel:

Blue Bailey: 
A wanderer afraid to put down roots saddled with a charitable mother, known to steal from her daughter.
Dean Robillard: 
A bored football star  in the hiding. His complicated family history with a sibling and father surprise.
Blue + Dean+ Family + Neighbors: 
A comedic series of events to keep you saying 'one more chapter' when it's time to shut the book and go to sleep.


11.  Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Hero: Fleur Savagar (Titular Character Glitter Baby- A woman of unparalleled beauty)
Heroine: Jake Koranda (A renowned Actor)

No one would ever say that Susan Elizabeth Phillips are dull. She is a master of subplots. Usually a story starts at a point A, reaches a pivotal moment B, and then makes it's way to the ending C. In case of Susan Elizabeth Phillip's Glitter Baby, the story may start at A but the intriguing subplots take all through all the alphabet and by the time the story ends we are at Z.

While Fleur and Jake might be at the centerstage of the story, you'll get an elaborate backstory on Fleur. How she was born to a woman (Belinda) obsessed with actors and how that affected her life. Belinda's obssesion, lies, and betrayal, changed Fleur's life since the day she was born. 

Fleur's Transformation from an ugly duckling to the titular Glitter Baby, is long drawn one and happens in steps. The first time the hero and heroine cross paths, Fleur is smitten with the hero, who still has a lot of growing up to do. But Jake's and Belinda's careless actions tarnish Fleur's and Jake's nascent bond, causing her to flee. For years, no one hears anything from Fleur until she returns, more beautiful than ever. And that's where our story began in the present. 

Reasons to Read this romance novel:

It is a marvel, there are stories within the stories, very few authors are able to tell a story like this one.
Fleur Savagar: Ugly duckling->Beautiful Swam->Betrayed by her mother-> In the hiding->  A spectacular Return
Fleur's Parents: Worst Father of the year + Self-Involved Mother
Jake Koranda: Seasoned Actor who plays a big part in sending Fleur into Hiding
Fleur+Jake: Life is hard on the two, one has suffered betrayals from those she loved the most, the other has returned from a war, unable to forget the things he has seen.

12. Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Heroine: Meg Koranda (Daughter Of Glitter Baby & Jake Koranda)
Hero: Ted Beaudine (Mayor Of Wynette, Texas)

Meg Koranda is one of the most relatable character you'll ever meet in a romance books. Well except for her famous parents, which I know aren't achievements at all, Meg doesn't have many achievements in her life. She is an adventure junkie, who hasn't worked a day in her life. Though she is a great friend, she doesn't have the best judgement and can often get into trouble.

Guess where Meg Koranda meets Ted Beaudine? At his wedding to her best friend, Lucy Jorik. Did she set out to break them up? Nope, she was just looking out for her friend, knowing that Ted wasn't the right match. How many times have we ourselves wanted to warn our friends against a guy or a gal. In Meg case, she succeeded but that's just where the story starts. Now she's broke and stuck in a town where everyone loves Ted Beaudine so it's a given they hate her. Find out how Meg Koranda earned their respect and won Teddy's heart. You are in for a ride. Whenever I switch to contemporary romance, I choose to read Susan Elizabeth Phillips books. 

Reasons to Read this romance novel:

The next generation of Susan Elizbeth Philips's novels
Meg Koranda: 
The adventurous daughter of Jake Koranda and Fleur Savagar, in helping her friend ditch a groom is left behind in a town where people hate her guts.
Teddy Beaudine: 
The respectable son of Francessa and Dallas Beaudine (main characters of Fancy Pants), is the jilted groom not ready to move on.
Meg+ Teddy: 
Ted tries to be indifferent but allows his friends and family members to torture poor Meg, who was just helping a friend from making a mistake.

13. I have got your number by Sophie Kinsella


A Little About the Author:

When I'm in a mood for reading something light and meaningful, something almost real yet untouchable, and also choc full of humor, I know who to turn to. Once you pick up one of Sophie Kinsella's books there is no turning back. you'll find me saying this about plenty of authors on this list: that's how good they are!

Coming back to Sophie Kinsella: Do you remember the Isla fisher's Rebecca Bloomwood from the Confessions of a Shopaholic? Get ready to meet characters just as flawed and contrite! The best part about her books are the humor as well as the premise. Each author has a certain story structure they stick to, from how the books starts, how the characters meet, and how the book eventually ends. What I love about Sophie's books are they are pure and not riddled with asshole heroes or heroines who aren't all that.

Heroine: Poppy Wyatt
Hero: Sam Roxton

The really fun part about this book is the narrative format. For the majority of their communication during this book, the lead characters Poppy and Sam talk through text messages. Takes us back to the time when texting was all rage! We are slowly turning back to calls or should we say video calls. If you want to go on a light-hearted adventure and meet two characters that hook you in in from the moment they utter their first words. Also, you are in for a whole lot of fun and manky teeth pictures!  

Reasons to Read Sophie Kinsella's romance novels:

Each page you turn will bring out more laughter
The characters' crazy antiques bring them together
Poppy Wyatt: Engaged but feels unappreciated and underqualified when in room with her scrabble playing future in-laws. Loses her ring and finds Sam's assistant's phone.
Sam Roxton: A no-nonsense business man who's trying to reach his assistant but get's poppy instead.

14. Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella

Hero: Jon (Architect)
Heroine: Alexia Smart ( Director, Flooring Department)
For all her life Alexia Smart was an average person, when she grew up she was an average woman who had a shitty boyfriend (Loser Dave). She had a menial job at a firm where she was underappreciated, but she had lovely friends. She wasn't content but neither unhappy. Sounds familiar? Sophie Kinsella does have a knack for writing relatable characters. But that's besides the point. 

It may sound familiar but it also sounds very cliched, so what's the hook here? One day Alexia goes clubbing with here friends only to take a nasty fall, a fall that lands her in a hospital but it's years later. When she opens her eyes she has a gorgeous husband, a successful career, and a new improved look.  Oh, that sounds like a dream come true doesn't it? But that's not the case, the gorgeous husband isn't the Hero of the story. And no, there is no time travel. You have pick up the book to understand how it came about. You'll find yourself on a journey of self-development, doubt, romance, laughter, and end up finding yourself. 

Reasons to Read this romance novel:

Hilarious Dialogues that'll never fail to make you smile
Spoiler: Heroine with Amnesia forgets how she turned her life around, so back to the old Lexi
We see very little of Jon, the hero, who's not Lexi's husband. 
Lexi's gorgeous husband is eager to get back into her good graces.
Despite the crazy plot, the affair, you'll end up liking Lexi.


15. Slave To Sensation by Nalini Singh  

Hero: Lucas Hunter (Leopard Changeling, Alpha of pack)
Heroine: Sasha Alexander (Cardinal Psy who's seemingly powerless)

The World:
Dive into the world of psy and changelings, where Psy are species whose existence has now become tied to silence. For the outside world, Psy do not feel a thing but that wasn't always the case. There was a time  when the Psy lived freely like humans and changelings, wearing their heart on sleeves. Lucas Hunter and Sasha Alexander are first ripple into the fall of silence, the fall inevitable since the protocol was implemented.  When you join Lucas and Sasha into their journey, you start unravel a web so complex it might take decades to make things as they should be.

Slave To Sensation:
Usually we are dealing with a book series the characters of the book fade and take a backseat when you are introduced to the newer more intense characters in next book. But that's not what happens with Slave to Sensation, no matter which book you pick up, you'll always be on a lookout for what Sasha and Lucas are up to.  

You'll be hooked from the start, and the best part is, you don't have to wait a few chapters for the Hero to make his entry, we meet him in the beginning and he is a steady presence throughout the book. And the book aren't just written from leading lady's perspective, we get to know what's going on in Lucas's mind as well.  Honestly it is treat for our senses, nirvana for the touch-starved.  Do you want to know what happens when a touch-deprived silent Psy meets a sensual Changeling? You know what to do. 

Here's an excerpt from the book.

Reasons to Read Psy-Changeling paranormal romance novel series:

Psy, a race unto themselves. Under the silence protocol, all emotions and feelings are cut off from their lives. Generations raised with neglect and touch deprivation.
Meet Changelings, they are ferocious and emotional. Touch is their language of love.
Lucas: Alpha of a changeling leopard park, who isn't just a asshole masquerading as hero.
Sasha: Our Damaged emotionless Psy on the verge of tearing down the foundation of Silence protocol
Lucas and Sasha star a revolution that will take you on wild ride

16. Visions Of Heat by Nalini Singh

Hero: Vaughn (Changeling in Lucas's pack)
Heroine: Faith Nightstar (Cardinal F-Psy, predicts future)

Let me be honest with you, while Nalini Singh does a fantastic job on her every book there are a few premise and characters that outshine the others. Vaughn and Faith Nightstar are such characters. Vaughn hasn't always been my favorite of characters, he is too pushy and sometimes too intense. But that was exactly what Faith needed, she was too afraid of everything.  The following excerpt will give you an idea of how things went between the two. 

The excerpt put a new light on their relationship and reminds me why I enjoy Vaughn and Faith together. A match between a Jaguar and a cardinal F-Psy brings us a power couple who fit together like last pieces of a crucial puzzle. 

Unlike Slave to sensation, you'll not immediately fall in love with their story but it grows on you slowly. As the story unravels, you start appreciating things about both the characters as well as the supporting characters. With every re-read you discover something new about the characters and it's a fascinating journey.

17. Caressed By Ice by Nalini Singh 

Hero: Judd Lauren (Powerful Psy- An arrow, assassin who might self-destruct)
Heroine: Brenna Kincaid (Wolf Changeling- Part of Snowdancer Pack )

If you read the Psy-Changeling series in order, you'll meet Judd Lauren in Sasha's story. That first glimpse of him is enough for anyone to want more. After Faith and Vaughn's story, this one seems even more intriguing. Since the first glimpse of Judd in Slave to Sensation I wanted to know his story, what he did for the council and who he was. 

Pairing him with Brenna was pure genius on Nalini Singh's part. No one could have matched him on that level. No one else could have brought him out of his shell to speak of. Furthermore, we haven't seen them interact before Caressed by Ice so the novelty of their first interaction, the thrill is just too good for words but somehow Nalini Singh has managed to capture that perfectly, as witnessed in the excerpt below.

18. Hostage To Pleasure by Nalini Singh

Hero: Dorian (Leopard Changeling, Part of the Lucas's pack)
Heroine: A (Powerful M-Psy- Geneology)

Dorian's and Ashaya's first meeting isn't the best but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Dorian's grief has clearly made him vary of Psy and the psy-changeling history being what it is, doesn't endear the changelings to the PSy. So, watching their relationship progress was quite interesting.

The best part was pairing Dorian with someone who could free him. Free his Leopard who wanted out. I don't remember if this happens in this book or a novella, but that book alone would make us Psy-chageling fans happy. 

The dynamics between Ashaya and Amara were so bewitching yet bewildering at the same time. The way Amara treated Ashaya all her life can only be describe that way. I kept hoping that somehow they would find a cure for Amara, but as I have read all the published book in the series it's understandable that Amara will probably always remain as she is.

I honestly looked forward to every scene with Keenan in it. He is such a adorable child.

19. Blaze Of Memory by Nalini Singh

Hero: Dev Santos (Leader of the Forgotten)
Heroine: Katarina (Damaged Psy)

I adore Dev Santos and Katya. By the end of the book, I was in tears. The less said about this book the better. It is for the readers to experience. 

Who wouldn't have thought that the Dev Santos from Talin's book could turn out to be such a loyal and terrific person. We knew very little about him before Blaze of Memory and there is so much more to him. How hard is it to find the only person in the world for you and then to loose them in a matter of days?

While reading the book, it felt like Dev had the weight of the world on his shoulder but unlike Atlas he had done nothing to deserve it. And yet he bore that weight amazingly. He struggled a lot with it but he often got it right. I am grateful for character like Dev Santos and Katya. Even if they are not real, they are creation of a mind that spins such wonderful characters and stories. 

And now that I think of it. It gives me hope that there are people, a rare few, who think like that. 

I was very taken with the one scene in particular. When Katya wakes up terrified, here's a excerpt to tell you why: (Such suspense, when you have no clue what she is talking about)

20. Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

Hero: Hawke (Wolf Changeling, Alpha of Snowdancer pack)
Heroine: Sienna Lauren (Cardinal Psy in Hiding- Hunted by Rogue Council Member)

Whenever I re-read the series, it is always the book I'm looking forward to the most. Since the first moment, I met Hawke and Sienna I knew that Nalini Singh had something planned for them. So, when I got my hands on Kiss of Snow, I was in heaven. The more I read, the more I wanted to know. The age gap was a concern, I wondered if this was a cautionary tale about how it wouldn't work out between them because of the difference. After the loss of his mate, I was very afraid that Hawke wouldn't allow it.

Spoiler Alert:
Receiving the confirmation that they were indeed meant for each other in terms of the mate bond, gave me hope for all the wolves and leopards who lost their mates. Also for the ones who couldn't be together because of a twist of fate.

Anyways, watching Sienna transform from a 'hesitant yet older-for-her-years teenager' into a capable woman was riveting. And then we had to watch Hawke struggle with his attraction to a barely legal aged Sienna and yet the bond was present even before it snapped into place. I want more of them. And the dynamic between the two before they got together were interesting, an alpha dealing with a pack member who turned his hair grey. The incident with Maria was masterfully done. Even when he was so angry with her for disrupting things, he showed care and gentleness that were the norm for their relationship.


21. Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

Hero: Kaleb Krychek (Dual-Cardinal Psy- The most Powerful Psy in the Psy-net)
Heroine: Sahara Nightstar (Lost Psy - Thought To be Dead)

These are the my favorite of the Psy-Changeling books ranked in the order:
1. Slave to Sensation (I put this one first because, Lucas and Sasha started it all and therefore hold a really special place)
2. Heart of Obsidian
3. Blaze of Memory
4. Kiss of Snow
5. Shield of Winter

I would have put Heart of Obsidian in the first place if not for Sasha and Lucas. Kaleb is such a fascinating character. His relationship with Sahara is the stuff of dreams. It also speaks of patience, perseverance, and determination. He reminds me Janvier from Archangel's Shadows and yet we will never find a pair so different. In one place, we have Janvier with his easy charm, then there is Kaleb with his somber and logical attitude towards life. My heart goes out for both Sahara and Kaleb, for what they both suffered. At the same time, I'm pissed at the Psy and how they have allowed collateral damage in name of preserving their silence. But in reality, this doesn't even scratch the surface of their crimes against their own.

22. Shield Of Winter by Nalini Singh


Reasons to read this romance novel:

Psy are connected through Psy-net a sentient network without which Psy cannot survive.
Vasic: A covert assassin, known as Arrow, trained with only days left to live
Ivy Jane: An Abused rehabilitated E-Psy in the hiding 
A number of E-Psy team up with arrows who were once tasked with hunting them to take down an enemy that's destroying the Psy-net from within.

23. Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh


Reasons to read this romance novel:

Alexie a Snow Dancer pack lieutenant, afraid and unwilling to commit to his mate
Memory, an abused Psy, kidnapped and isolated, under the control of her kidnapper.
Alexie finds and rescues Memory, forging a new path for both of them. Unable to trust Memory with his pack, Alexie takes Memory to his cabin to make sure she isn't the enemy in disguise.

24. Alpha Night by Nalini Singh


Reasons to read this romance novel:

For the first time in Psy-Changeling series, we have a female Alpha, Selenka, leading the pack.
Ethan Night, a single-minded Psy warrior. He is a honorary member of Arrows, who has also had a troubled childhood, yet he is not an Arrow.
Selenka joins the Psy in their fight for saving the Psy Net, which is on the verge of collapsing.


25: Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison   


Reasons to read this romance novel:

Pia, a young mythological shifter, takes on the Monarch of all thing's supernatural.
Dragos, older than eon (Think I am exaggerating?), is in a funk until a Pia steals a dismal coin from him fort knox.
The journey starts with Dragos hunting Pia when they are thrown into a magical world that might be the end of them both.

If you are looking for something that makes a lot of sense then do not read Gena Showalter books. I have my issues with them, but for some reason I love these characters. They are dark. And honestly, most of them are villains. Not antiheroes, but villains who in history have butchered and killed their way through most human population. Not because they wanted to but they were partnered with demons, who share their body. And the majority of the heroes in this book series are stuck with their demons for life. Enjoy the books for what they are, but they aren't for everyone. 

Lord of the Underworld's World:
Lords of the Underworld are keepers of demons such as Violence, Wrath, Truth, Death and you get the idea. The central storyline is surviving against a society that mostly wants to exterminate them and sometimes experiment on them. The male characters in the series are often douchebag's, but if that's taken out of the picture there is something about the whole package the characters, their friendships and the storyline that drags you in.

26. The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter


Reasons to read this romance novel:

Maddox is the keeper of the demon Violence who has to die everyday, murdered by another lord whose punishment is to kill him bloodily.
Ashlyn Darrow comes looking for salvation in the arms of the lords, but finds death instead.
As you read the Lord of the underworld books, you'll go through a series of emotions and feelings:  Laughter, disgust, Arousal, heartbreak, some of you might even cry.

27. The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter


Reasons to read this romance novel:

Cronus, the Titan, gives Lucian a choice kill Anya or loose his friends.
Lucian Keeper of the demon Death, scarred by choice, tasked with killing Anya
Anya, the Goddess of Anarchy, the keeper of a secret that Cronus wants at all costs, in love with the Keeper of Death.


28. The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter


Reasons to read this romance novel:

Gwen, a rare Harpy, kidnapped and trapped with other supernatural women, rescued by the Lords.
Sabin, the keeper of Doubts, a demon that sows the seeds of doubt in his every relationship. Doubts is eager to attack fragile Gwen and shred her to threads.
The rescued Lords are then kidnapped and it's up to Gwen and her older siblings to save the day.


29. The Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter


Reasons to read this romance novel:

Aeron, keeper of Wrath, was once buried underground by the Lords to keep him from following Cronus's order and killing innocent women.
Olivia, an angel who chose fall instead of killing Wrath, because Aeron would die with him.
Aeron does his hardest to deny Olivia, who's is in love with him, but is unable to protect her when she needs him the most.
Aeron is faced with a horrible choice, to betray the angel who has sacrificed so much for him or to sign the death warrant of a friend that kept him alive.


30. The Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter


Reasons to read this romance novel:

Amun, the keeper of secrets, is being torn apart by the demons that he carries. On his last visit to the underworld, he absorbed many demons.
Hadee who once acted as a bait and helped kill one of the lords is now back from dead. Kidnapped by Lord Sabin, the keeper of defeat. She finds herself face to face with Amun who resembles her boyfriend.
Amun and Hadee take a trip back to the underworld, Hadee is of course unwilling to sacrifice her life for a lord.


31. Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter

Hero: Zacharel (Angel)
Heroine: Annabelle Miller (Deemed Criminally Insane)

Zacharel, an angel, who is literally heartless. Yes, there is a hole where his heart is supposed to be. On a mission to clear some of the demons in the Asylum, he comes across Annabelle Miller.
Annabelle Miller, accused of brutally murdering her parents is incarcerated at an asylum for criminally insane.  
Add a revenge-bent twin to the mix to turn their life upside down. One who has plotted against them even before they found each other. 

32. The Darkest Touch by Gena Showalter

Hero: Lord Torin (Keeper Of Disease)
Heroine: Keeleycael (The Red Queen)

I read this book for the Mad Queen Keeley, whose powers were underappreciated in the whole series. She is one of my favorite characters from Lords of Underworld Universe.

Torin, the keeper of disease, is unable to touch anyone without relasing plagues. He is in a bind, he has to escape a powerful revenge-driven Red queen who just happens to be sort of immune to his touch. 
Locked away and betrayed by Hades, Keeleycael the red queen, had one friend that kept her kind of sane. Torin's touch, took away that lifeline and now she is free to enact her vengeance. 
Once Keeleycael stops thinking about revenge, Torin and Keeleycael have to fight the attraction between them. One that would mean either Keeleycael's death or cause a massive plague. 


33. The Darkest Promise by Gena Showalter

Hero: Lazarus (The King Of Butterflies)
Heroine: Cameo (Keeper Of Misery)

Lazarus, the cruel and unusual, has a saddening past, from being locked into the Olympus prison to serving as an unwilling consort to a harpy. He chooses death at the hand of an just enemy over servitude.
Cameo, the keeper of the demon Misery, has to only open her mouth to make people weep of sorrow. And the demon is also known to take away her good memories.  
When Lazarus finds Cameo he realizes who she is to him, his other half. But his fear of the unknown keeps him from confiding in her. And they are separated only to be brought together after Cameo can't stand not knowing. 

34. Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neil

Hero: Ethan (Master of Cadogan House)
Heroine: Merit (Newly Turned Vampire)

Although there are better written vampire worlds, Chicagoland Vampires is nothing to scoff at. With Ethan and Merit you get a push and pull relationship which will definitely keep you on your toes.

The vampire have just outed themselves to the human world, no longer is their exitence a secret. All over the world, these vampires belong to reputed houses. 
Merit: Turned vampire against her, Merit has no idea what she has gotten herself into. 
Ethan: Master of the Cadogan House, Ethan is a ruthless lord, a womanizer, he isn't a bit shy about his needs.
If you enjoy push and pull realtionships, you are going to be a big fan of this one. Often you'll be pissed at Ethan and other times at Merit, but the book is definitely worth it. 
Oh, let's not forget the supporting characters who have a developing romance on the side. 

35. Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen

Hero: Mr. Darcy (No introductions Required)
Heroine: Elizabeth Bennett
I did not want to read any of the classics. So, I resisted for years. But when my friend who I though would never read a book to save her life started reading classics I had to give it a try. And boy was it worth it. Never would have met Mr. Darcy otherwise. And Elizabeth was Marvelous. I was so exited about the book, that i rushed to get a netflix account just to watch Kierra Knightly bring Elizbeth Bennet to life. What did I think about the movie? You can find out here.

Mr. Darcy: Usually a man of few words, but when it comes to expressing emotions there is no one better
Elizabeth Bennett: A woman who has more use of book than of a man. 
As Mr. Darcy falls in love with Lizzie, she is completely oblivious to his ardour. What's more, she doesn't even like him at that point. One of the reason for which is his role in her sisters suitor deserting her.

36. Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews

Hero: Connor Rogan (Mad Rogan - Prime)
Heroine: Nevada Baylor (Investigator - Unknown)

The World:

A world ruled by the Prime: the rich, the elite who marry only to strengthen the magic in their bloodlines. Every generation gives birth to a heir and spare, on the of chance that the heir doesn't have any magic.  People are classified based on the level of their magic: Prime are off the chart and it is rare for a couple with lesser magic to birth a prime. 

Nevada Baylor: A prime unaware of her status stays under the radar by lying about her powers. She runs a down on the luck bond agency and is unlucky enough to catch a case with a target that Connor Rogan is after.
Connor Rogan: One of the most powerful  prime with the strongest magic. The first time he meets Nevada, he has her chained to  the ground in order to elicit information about his target.
No it isn't any kind of Stockholm syndrome, she didn't much like him in the beginning. I mean who would? Belle maybe, but this isn't a fairy tale.

37. When You Dare by Lori Foster

Hero: Dare Macintosh (Designation - Secret)
Heroine: Molly (Successful Author)

Molly: A author with unsupportive parents is kidnapped by sex traffickers who have no interest in either selling or sexually exploiting her.
Dare Macintosh: On a personal mission to save his partner's sister from the same sex traffickers comes across a filthy and abused Molly.
Still unware of why she was kidnapped, Molly thinks that it is in the past. But after the kidnappers try to take her back, she hires Dare to keep her safe and find out who is after her.


38. Trace of Fever by Lori Foster

Hero: Trace (Undercover Agent)
Heroine: Priscilla (Undercover mystery)

Trace: Goes undercover working as a thug for a syndicate that almost succeeded in having his sister sold as sex slave.
Priscilla: A woman on the mission to reconcile with her long lost father who happens to be the syndicate boss.
Their paths cross when Trace is asked to search Priscilla for any weapons she might be hiding. (Sounds dirty doesn't it? It is. Trace recognizes Priscilla is her under false motives and does his best to scare her off. But she is made of stronger stuff.)


39. Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Hero: Acheron (God and Dark Hunter head-honcho)
Heroine: Soteria (Human)

Trigger warning: hero is repeatedly abused

Acheron:  Leader of the dark hunters, a race of immortal hunters brought back to life to serve the goddess Artemis and hunt daemons, a race of soul-hungry demons. Acheron has overcome a lot in his long life. His life is devoted to the well-being of his dark hunters, who are his family.
Tory: A woman with a pure heart and all the understanding in the world helps Acheron heal from a Millenia of pain and wounds on his soul.
It is a lengthy book and at times painful to read, but watching Acheron finally find all the happiness he deserves is worth it by the end.

40. Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon  

Hero: Styxx (Acheron's Twin)
Heroine: Bethany (Goddess)

Trigger warning: hero is repeatedly abused
Styxx:  Supposedly one of the villains of the Acheron's story, his twin brother Styxx is the one who suffered a fate worse than even Acheron himself.
Bethany: A goddess who was cheated of her destiny because of her fellow gods that kept Bethany and Styxx apart for centuries.
Add to the mix their son that was stolen from Bethany while Styxx suffered. 
As you turn each page, you'll understand what a big difference perspectives make. When we hear Styxx's story, which is quite similar to Acheron's we finally see him for her person he is.


41. One Good Man by Julie Miller

Hero: Mitch Taylor
Heroine: Cassandra Maynard

Cassandra Maynard: Cassandra Maynard was injured horribly by a madman and afraid that he would return to finish what he started she has locked herself away in a castle unwilling to leave it for anything.
Mitch Taylor: Captain of a precinct thinks he has far better things to do than protect a spoiled princess. Burned by an ex-wife who came from and affluent background, he expects everyone with money to betray him.
Mitch is assigned to protect Cassandra, commissioner's niece, a relationship that doesn't ern her any favours in Mitch's book.


42. Partner Protector by Julie Miller

Hero: Merle Banning (Detective)
Heroine: Kelsey Ryan (Resident Psychic)

This is one of the two harlequin suspense books with psychic heroines that I have ever read. I can never remember the name of the other book. Help me out if you do. 

Kelsey Ryan: A psychic known to catch impression from objects and people. While many people believe her there are still a lot who remain skeptical.
Merle Banning: A computer geek who has earned his detective  badge after years of hard work finds himself partnered with a psychic consultant known by many as the flake.
Kelsey Ryan has seen a vision of serial killer's past murder and hopes she can help the police find the murderer before he makes another kill. Despite knowing how she will be treated by the unbelievers, she bolsters on, her sole concern for the woman who might loose her life.


43. Cavanaugh Watch by Marie Ferrarella

Hero: Janelle Cavanaugh  (Attorney)
Heroine: Detective Sawyer Boone

Marie Ferrarella is one of my go to authors for harlequin romantic suspense books. I like some angst in my books. Clean romances can act as a good cleansers but they rarely are able to hold candle to the drama.

Janelle Cavanaugh: One of the few female Cavanaugh offspring's, is a successful attorney is all set to put one dangerous criminal behind the bars.
Detective Sawyer Boone: A tough-as-nails detective who saves Janelle from a bullet and his good deed isn't going to go away unpunished. He is assigned guard duty to keep her safe for the duration of the case.
Detective Sawyer Boone has already lost a wife and child to the criminals he doesn't plan on giving his heart away anytime soon. Janelle, who has never really had a serious relationship is headed for heartbreak villa.


44. Raphael by D. B Reynolds 

Hero: Raphael (Vampire Ruler of West America )
Heroine: Cynthia Leighton (Private Investigator)

There was a time when i didn't much care for vampire romances, but that was before i read one. Nalini Singh's vampires are my favorite so far with D.B. Reynolds running a close second. Then there books from the Chicagoland Vampires series.

Raphael: The lord who holds dominion over the west American territories. Once turned vampire against his will, Raphael grew too powerful and has spent a lifetime accumulating wealth and connections to solidify his reign.
Cynthia Leighton: A private eye, who isn't afraid of anything, not even a vampire lord who expects fear and adoration from everyone he meets.
When Raphael's sister is kidnaped by humans, he hires Cynthia to find her. And n hasn't the option to refuse or else she mind just end up being vampire food.


45. Dragon Actually by G. A. Aiken

Hero: Fearghus (Dragon)
Heroine: Anwyll (The blood Queen)

Let me be completely honest. Out of all the books I have read about Dragon changelings or shapeshifters none of them can ever beat the sheer depth of character or ingenuity found in Dragon Actually.

Fearghus: A century's old dragon, born of two dragon's has the power to turn into human whenever he desires. He has taken refuge in a cave, away from his meddling family only to find himself in a human family squabble that ends in blood bath.
Anwyll: A warrior, known to take the heads of her enemies, spends majority of her life fighting her brother's troop is on her last legs. Bloody and broken, she is rescued by a dragon who she thinks is about to make her his food.
Fearghus promises to teach Anwyll to become a better fighter, strong enough to defeat her brother, ending his reign of terror.


46. Charlie All Night by Jenifer Cruise

Hero: Charlie (Newcomer Radio Personality)
Heroine: Allie (Radio Show Manager)

This one is a light read like quite a few Jennifer Cruise's books. But I never did much like the others. This is one is humorous with all the Radio Jockeys having these unique personas. Allie is there to turn Charlie into a star, which is exactly the opposite of what he wants. 

It's been a long time since I have read the book. But I still remember the excitement i feel when Allie introduces Charlies as the new man in her life. It was wonderful. I like books/Movies/TV shows that start of with the fake engagement or Fake relationship. It is really fun to watch them juggle their lies and fall over themselves. But the best part is how they navigate through all that and still manage to fall for each other. There are such sweet moments that sometimes it hard not to feel the secondhand embarrassment for them being so corny and yet we want those to happen in our life. 

I was so glad when I came to the part where the name Charlie All Night started to make sense and turned out to witty and not cheesy. Allie's energy is inspiring and so is Charlie's humor. There are never hurtful words masquerading as clever humor. This book really makes me happy. I have tried other Jennifer Crusie's book's, but they don't do it for me, but this one is diamond worthy of a queen. 


47. Into The Dark by Cindy Gerard

About The Author:

Read quite a few books with black ops leading character so, I'll be honest and say that Cindy Gerard's books are amongst the best. Some authors often gloss over what happens behind the enemy lines, leaving us wondering what horrors the characters must have faced. Cindy Gerard, on the other hand, gives us the right amount of details. Her characters usually make us realize that the Past remains the same, it's up to us whether we want to move on to a better life or wither away in the 

Hero: Dallas
Heroine: Amy

This is heart wrenching tale. I enjoyed the whole book series but there were some book that just were a bit dull and I had to get on with them to reach the treasure trove such as into the dark and show no mercy. Amy is bruised, battered, but she has risen above that.

I do love a good story build up but I have so gotten used to the groveling with authors like Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Even it isn't groveling, the making up part is often fun. There are few authors who do it well, like Nalini Singh and Ilona Andrews (PNR authors). So, it's a bit hard for me to digest the heroine taking hero back after months of Nothing and all the hero has to do is grace her with his presence.

But the lack of groveling or romance is usually closer to the reality that we experience. We do forgive easy and sometimes for even unforgivable things.

But the context of into the dark like any other Cindy Gerard book had heroes that have suffered horrible losses and are a bit damaged. Dallas didn't want drag Amy down with him, and so he let her go.

Despite that, I have re-read the series a few times. It is a pretty good book. 


48. Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard

Hero: Jenna McMillan (Journalist)
Heroine: Gabe Jones (Black Ops Agent)

We have a hero who has loved and has lost and has no intention of opening himself to that level of hurt again.  We have feisty heroine who smashes through all of Gabe's walls.  But he has no intention of living through the death of another woman he loves. 

I have mixed feelings about this one. I like Jenna. She is brassy and independent. But Gabe can be real asshole at times, example the first words he said to her in this book.  Fortunately, Jenna isn't someone who would let him get away with him.  And then I have to remind myself about Gabe's tragic past and how fear drives people into behaving in a strange manner.

I'm of two minds with the ending as well. I mean why should Jenna reject a lifetime of happiness with Gabe because he took his time coming back for her. But then, I'll always wonder on what I missed out because it felt a bit rushed to me. I mean, I would have liked to have seen Jenna slam the door on his face and Gabe trying to earn his way back into her good graces. That would have been fun to watch. But is amongst my favorite books. I have re-read a quite a few times

49. The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders

Hero: Alessandro
Heroine: Theresa

Not most of you are going to like this book. It has a silly misunderstanding that's blown out of proportions. I don't usually like such books, but there is just something about Natasha Anders stories that keeps you coming back. What we have here is an heroine who married the hero for love, and a hero who feels anything but love. In fact, what's between them is the definition of a toxic relationship.

So, why have i recommended these books? These are the characters that will stay in your mind. Few years from now, you may not remember the name of the book, but you'll be able to recall the betrayals the mistrust, and what-could-have-been. What's more, you'll end up liking the people they are underneath but also keep cursing at them for having neglected to fix things for so long. 

After you are done reading the book, you might feel brainwashed and desperate to get your hands on the next book in the series. 

Alpha Hero: Check
Submissive Heroine: A maybe (The excerpt will clearly give you an idea of why this is a maybe)

50. A Husband's Regret by Natasha Anders 

Hero: Bryce
Heroine: Bronwyn

If you think the misunderstanding in The Unwanted Wife was horrible, you have to read the Husband's Regret. It involves a pregnancy, an accident, fast forward a few years, a husband whose mistrust has torn these two apart. It is a gripping tale of a woman who has struggled to survive however she could. What follows is a struggle to forgive a husband who has failed her, a fight to stop the attraction between them,  and a husband who realizes how bad he has messed up. 

Warning: This book is for people who will remember the story but not let it affect their life choices. It is for people who understand that things don't come easy. It isn't always love at first sight, not for both  pair. If you are person who has hard time trusting people, avoid the book. It will only shackle you and strengthen your belief about people not one being trustworthy. 

That said, Natasha Anders books add a mix of reality to the fiction. We have two characters who were made for each other, and had they both put their all into the relationship they would have zero heartbreak. But unfortunately, none of us are perfect, the hero had such deep fears that locked away a part of himself, a part that could fully trust Bronwyn. Once you read the book, come back and tell me what you think about the book.


For Books like Harry Potter, You can refer to my Instagram post. They'll tide you over for a while.