Undercover Duke By Sabrina Jeffries (armedwithkeyboard Review)

Review Cover for Undercover Duke

The books preceding Undercover Duke were filled with drama and fun, i was so eager to get my hands on the next #DukeDynasty book that I particularly searched for this book on netgalley's shelf. I wasn't sure that my request would be approved but it was and i got to know how it ended. I wanted to see the culmination of the murder of previous dukes!

Although I liked the book well enough it was missing Jefferies's signature drama. Everyone was too nice, the hero was nice, the heroine was even nicer. The murderer turned out to be an unexpected fellow (Even saying that is kind of spoiler). And the ending seemed a bit rushed. I had hoped to see the killer brought to justice but what happened instead was a bit of a letdown.

On the bright side, we got to see Sheridan and Vanessa get together. It was absolutely fun watching Sheridan trying to absorb that it was him Vanessa fancied rather than Juncker. That was actually the bright spot of the entire book. Vanessa trying to elicit a reaction out of Sheridan. Oh, and we also meet the female lead for our next book in the series.

I have no clue what went wrong with Juncker and the lady, I hope it isn't a tiny misunderstanding that could have been cleared up but a valid reason that tore them apart. Either way it's going to be fun finding out.