Ilona Andrew's Blood Heir Release Date and Pre-order Link

Ilona Andrew's Blood Heir Release Date and Pre-order Link


From the Author's Website, We have a Release Date For Blood Heir by Ilona Andrews: It will be released on 12th January 2021

I have already ordered my ebook copy from amazon! Here's are links for you to purchase yours!

Get Your Copy on Amazon: United States


Get Your Copy on Amazon: India

I honestly thought that we would be getting Hugh's 2nd book before we ever got around to see Julie all grown up. But that seems to have been pre-poned and while I'm miffed about it, i can certainly make do with Blood Heir but that doesn't make it a palceholder. 

I was looking forward to Ilona Andrews's upcoming Blood Heir, although Julie and Derek feel like a done deal, I still wonder how it's going to happen! So, That's money well spent! 

I'll have answer to these questions at least!

1.Where's Erra? Are we going to see her? Is she still with Julie? Oh, sorry Aurelia!

2. Are we going to see Yu Fong again? Although I'm very taken with Derek, there seemed to be little sparks between Julie and Yu Fong. But again, that could be just me!

3.  Derek! Did he follow Julie on her adventures? Did they get together before Julie left?

4. Kate, Curran, and Conlan! How have they fared over the years?

5. What is Roland up to? Has he found a way outside the Neig's Lair or Roland's Prison?

So, much excitement!