(Review) Magic Burns By Ilona Andrews: Book 2 In the Best Paranormal romance Series Kate Daniels

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My brain is still stuck on that mischievous word.

I just want to start reading the next book. So, I'll keep it short for now.
I'm still working on the review for Magic Bites and the book was fabulous.

Magic Burns reveals more information about each characters and their circumstances.
We meet new character that are vital to the entire series. (I say this because, I'm reading the series for what now 7th or 8th time.) Julie, Andrea, Oracle, Bran, and Raphael

All Kate Daniels books are near and dear to my heart. I love the characters Ilona and Gordon Andrew have created, the world they have build is so unique. Like discovering every hidden piece in a mural, I have discovered new things each time I read the book.

Kate and Curran are the two of the most phenomenal characters that I have had the honor to read about.

The book also shows us how a person's upbringing can sometime alter their perspective of life.

Red, abused on the street, turned into a living ball of bitterness. Julie who was brought up by her loving mother (her mother did the best she could given the circumstances) turned out to be decent person.

When I first read the book and reached the end, I though Kate was going to adopt Julie. But there's still so much Kate has to deal with, she has to grow in ways we never thought it was possible for her to grow.

Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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